Great news for people who love beef

We’ve developed new, healthier beef with high levels of the omega-3s that support heart, brain and eye health — with the same delicious flavor you and your family have always loved.

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Healthier Beef for a Healthier World

We're ready to transform the beef industry.

Our Goal

Many people are limiting their beef consumption or eating veggie burgers to address health concerns. We have a better idea: improve the nutrition of beef with a new cattle feed to produce beef with high omega 3 levels for your health.

We’re on a mission to evolve the cattle industry, keeping the same wonderful taste of traditional beef, and making it healthy for our hearts, brains, and eyes, The omega-3s also improve mental health by reducing depression.

 Same great taste … better health.

The Mayo Clinic reports strong scientific evidence that omega 3’s DHA and EPA reduce heart disease.

Omega3Beef will be available for you soon.

This winter we are feeding our unique, natural supplement to beef cattle in Ireland and the US.  The resulting healthier beef, we call it Omega3Beef, will be available to steak houses and some burger restaurants in the US and England for their chefs to try with their selected customers.  Next summer, the Omega3Beef will be available for you to buy in steakhouses and burger restaurants. 


Our Remarkable Solution

How we’re helping the beef industry evolve ….. to support heart, brain, eye and mental health.

Several years back, our founder Don Smith was on his ranch in Oklahoma, talking with animal science professors from Cornell and Oklahoma State Universities about cattle, beef and heart health. Consumers were eating less beef and more chicken, and were bored by it. They were also eating fish — because the omega 3’s in fish like salmon and halibut were good for heart health. Hearing from the professors how grass-fed cattle could produce beef with low levels of omega 3’s naturally, Don thought:

Wait a minute: what if we could raise cattle on feed containing the same heart-healthy omega-3s that fish consume when eating small fish that eat plants in the ocean?

Turns out … great idea. In fact, we’ve now completed our patented natural plant supplement method at two major universities, and with commercial feed yards with great success. The cattle are healthier….and the beef contains omega-3 levels like ocean fish.

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Our Company

Company founder Don Van Pelt Smith had a brainstorm.. He was meeting at his ranch in Oklahoma with professors from Cornell and Oklahoma State Universities to discuss his vision of making beef healthier with cattle genetics. Unexpectedly, Don learned from the professors that cattle could naturally produce minute levels of the omega-3s DHA and EPA …. just by eating grass. Originally from New England, Don already knew the large amount of omega-3s DHA and EPA in fish came from their eating bait fish which ate particular plants  in the ocean.

Suddenly it came to Don: could we feed the same plants to cattle? More importantly, could we find the right plant and the right diet for cattle to grow the same as always…but also produce high amounts of the same DHA and EPA that fish have? Don’s ranch company began doing research with professors at major universities. It took many years to work out the details, but we proved it could be done.

Today, Don and the company reside in Oklahoma, to be closer to where the  cattle feeding demonstrations will be done at major universities and custom feed yards this year.

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